Juror's Oath

Arkansas Code Annotated § 16-89-109 states:
When a jury of twelve (12) qualified jurors shall have been duly impaneled, they shall be sworn substantially as follows:

“You, and each of you, do solemnly swear, that you will well and truly try the case of the State of Arkansas against A. B., and a true verdict render, unless discharged by the court or withdrawn by the parties.”

When you as a juror take this oath, you have to decide every question of fact in the case. It is your duty to act fairly and impartially. You are not to base your decisions on feelings or emotions, but on reason and judgment and according to the judge’s instructions. You are not, however, expected to set aside your life experience and common sense as a juror.

Remember, your task as a juror is to determine the correct facts of each dispute between the parties. Any errors of law which the trial judge makes can be corrected by higher courts, but your decision on the facts usually will not be changed. Therefore, your service as a jury member is extremely important. As long as you perform this duty to the best of your ability and make an honest, careful, and deliberate decision, the American system of justice will be served.

Important: The information on this website is not intended to take the place of the instructions given by the judge in any case.  Should you see a conflict, the trial judge's instructions will prevail.