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What is Xerox Juror?

The Xerox Juror system is a jury management system available to circuit courts in Arkansas. The system allows courts to manage juries from summons, jury service, and payment. The application is hosted on servers located in the Justice Building and is available to courts with Internet access.

Which courts are using Xerox Juror?

How do I use Xerox Juror?

  • Contact the AOC for the password required to view the training videos.

How do I get my court on Xerox Juror?

  • Xerox Juror is provided to circuit courts at no cost to courts with computers and Internet access.
  • Courts are responsible for printing their summons on the state summons form.
  • Courts must meet the following minimum technology requirements:
  • Contact us at (501) 410-1900. You may also email to request Juror training and configuration.

Who should I contact if I have other questions?