Jury Management Program

What is Juror?

The Juror system is an electronic jury management system available to circuit courts in Arkansas. The system allows courts to manage juries from summons, jury service, and payment. The application is hosted by the Administrative Office of the Courts and is available to courts with Internet access.

Which courts are using Juror?

Most counties in Arkansas are using Juror. Click this link to see the map .

How do I get my court on Juror?

  • The court should send a written statement of their interest and intent to participate, signed by the clerk and the judge, to the Director of the Administrative Office of the Courts.
  • The AOC will acknowledge the court’s request in writing and add the court to the list to be reviewed at a later date when all project requests are considered for selection.
  • Each quarter, the AOC reviews the requests along with the progress of the projects in the portfolio that is aligned with the strategic plan of the Arkansas Judiciary. The AOC will select projects to be started when resources become available.
  • When a court is selected for a project, AOC will assign a project manager to determine the suitability, risk, size, and scope of the project and determine the next start date for a project based on available resources.

How much will it cost?

The following services are provided to the court at no cost:

  • AOC will provide online access to Juror for circuit courts.
  • AOC is responsible for annual maintenance, backup, and recovery services for Juror.
  • AOC provides professional services to the courts for the implementation of Juror.

The court is responsible for the following that may lead to procurement:

  • Courts are responsible for printing summonses on the state summons form.
  • The court is responsible for acquiring and maintaining all hardware that meets the minimum technology requirements including networking hardware, personal computers, printers, and scanners.
  • The court is responsible for providing high-speed Internet access to use the system.
  • The court will be responsible for the travel expense of sending its staff to training.
  • If the court is unable to travel to Little Rock for training, the court will be responsible for arranging a suitable training facility.

Who should I contact for questions about Juror?

ACAP Help Desk

(501) 410-1900 or (866) 823-5778