Judicial Branch Education Division

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Justice Building

Supporting Justice Through
Judicial Branch Education

The state’s responsibility for training court personnel is executed by the Administrative Office of the Courts through the Judicial Branch Education Division.

The Judicial Branch Education Division strives to enhance the judiciary’s legal knowledge, refine administrative skills of court personnel, build professional networks, and promote the highest ethical standards in order to improve the administration of justice for the people of Arkansas.

The Judiciary

The Division is tasked with providing continuing legal education to all appellate, circuit, and district judges. The division also administers the funding provided for tuition at out-of-state centers of excellence, such as the National Judicial College and the National Center for State Courts.

Court Staff

Certification and training programs are made available to trial court assistants, court reporters, district court clerks, and district court probation officers. Educational conferences for these individual groups are held throughout the state annually.

Continuing legal education and certification standards are monitored and strictly adhered to.