Alternative Dispute Resolution

What does the Commission do?


Mediator Certification - The Commission is the regulatory entity for the certification and professional disciple of certified mediators.  Mediators eligible to mediate cases from the Arkansas Circuit courts must be certified by the Commission.  The Commission has established standards for mediator certification, professional conduct, and discipline with which applicants must comply in order to be included on the Roster of Certified Mediators.  The Roster is provided to every circuit court judge in the state, is posted to our website, and made available to anyone who contacts our office seeking a mediator.  Certified mediators must complete six hours of continuing mediation education (CME) each year in order to renew their certification. 

Training and Education - The Commission offers basic mediation training as well as advanced and specialized training, and continuing mediation education courses for certified mediators. 

Additionally, Commission members or staff make educational presentations to organizations on what ADR is and how to effectively utilize it. 

Technical Assistance - The Commission provides technical assistance in designing ADR programs.  The Commission has helped design, fund, or provide training for projects and programs for District, Circuit, and Appellate Courts in Arkansas, as well as government agencies, school-based programs, and non-profit organizations.

Access and Visitation Family Mediation Program - The Commission is the advisory body for this statewide mediation program.  The Access and Visitation Program provides mediation to divorced, divorcing or never married Arkansas parents who are encountering difficulty in the following areas: child custody, visitation, and/or child support.

ADR Grants - The Commission annually awards grants to help fund programs that promote alternative dispute resolution in Arkansas.