What is CourtConnect?

CourtConnect is the online public access portal to case information for courts using Contexte. The public can find cases by searching for a party name or by entering the case number. There is also an Internal CourtConnect version for court use that requires a login and password. CourtConnect provides access to basic case information such as filings, parties, and events. Some courts are also providing access to court documents through CourtConnect.

Which courts are available on CourtConnect?

  • All circuits courts provide case statistical information through CourtConnect as required by Administrative Order 8. Most circuit courts offer additional information through their use of Contexte.
  • Some district courts provide case information through CourtConnect. A full listing of participating courts is provided on the CourtConnect login screen.
  • For questions about a specific case, please contact the court where the case is filed.

How do I use CourtConnect?

How do I get my court on CourtConnect?

  • To be available on CourtConnect, a court must first be using the Contexte Case Management System.
  • After a court goes live on Contexte, the court must notify the AOC that it wishes to make its public information available on CourtConnect.

Why can't I see the documents for a court?

  • Contexte may include images of the filed documents by "linking" to the location of the court's storage of the electronic document. However, not all courts are using this functionality.

Who should I contact if I have other questions?

  • For questions about CourtConnect, you may contact the Administrative Office of the Courts at (501) 410-1900 opt 1 or (866) 823-5778.
  • For questions about a specific case, please contact the court where the case is filed.