Search ARCourts

It's time to retire Public CourtConnect and introduce Search ARCourts!

The new Search ARCourts experience includes:

  • Streamlined search tool for Arkansas court cases
  • Enhanced search options, advanced filtering, and intuitive interface
  • Simplified access to public court information

CLICK HERE to use Search ARCourts for Arkansas court cases.

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What is SearchARCourts?

SearchARCourts is a portal to public case information for courts using the Contexte Case Management System.  This website allows you to find public information on cases if you know the name of a person in the case, or if you know the case number.

Which courts are available on Search ARCourts?

  • All circuits courts provide case statistical information through Search ARCourts as required by Administrative Order 8. Most circuit courts offer additional information through their use of Contexte.
  • Some district courts provide case information through Search ARCourts.

What information is available in Search ARCourts?
Search ARCourts provides access to basic information about the case including:

  • The parties
  • The judge
  • The filings in a case
  • Charges and dispositions
  • Future events
  • Judgments

Search ARCourts also links to documents for some public court records so you can see the actual filings in the case. Some information in court cases is not considered public information under Arkansas Supreme Court Administrative Order 19, and will not be available on the Internet.

Who should I contact if I have other questions?

  • For questions about Search ARCourts, you may contact the Administrative Office of the Courts at (501) 410-1900 opt 1 or (866) 823-5778.
  • For questions about a specific case, please contact the court where the case is filed.