eFile Instructions


Electronic filers must complete all three steps below to begin electronic filing.

  1. Attend online training. Register at http://www.tybera.com/support/arkansas-support/.
  2. Mail a one-time account registration fee of $100, payable to the “Bar of Arkansas” to the following address:

    Electronic Filing Registration
    Administrative Office of the Courts
    625 Marshall Street
    Justice Building, Suite 1100
    Little Rock, AR 72201

    • If you are requesting an attorney or pro hac vice account, your name, bar number, and e-mail address must accompany the payment.
    • If you are a pro hac vice attorney, you must also provide a letter of good standing from your local bar.
    • If you are requesting a Pro Se account, AFFIDAVIT IN SUPPORT OF PRO SE REQUEST FOR ELECTRONIC FILING ACCOUNT available at this link must accompany your payment.
  3. Request an account online at and “Accept” the Electronic Filing Account Request User Agreement at https://efile.arcourts.gov

Payment for electronically filed documents with associated fees may be made by eCheck, Visa, MasterCard, Discover or INA Account (visit https://www.ark.org/subscribe/index.php)