Contact Information

Position Name Phone
AOC Director Marty Sullivan 501-682-9400
Finance & Administration Director Keith Leathers 501-682-9400
Human Resources Director Sam Kauffman 501-682-9400
Alternative Dispute Resolution Program Director Jennifer Jones Taylor 501-682-9400
Court Improvement Program Director Sarah Tacker 501-682-9400
Court Information Systems Director Tim Holthoff 501-682-9400
Court Security & Emergency Preparedness Director Pete Hollingsworth 501-682-9400
Office of Research & Justice Statistics Manager Scott Graves 501-682-9400
Judicial Branch Education Director Vacant 501-682-9400
Juvenile Justice Division Director Jennifer Craun 501-682-9400
Legal Services Division Director Kristin Clark 501-682-9400
Office of Court Interpreter Services Director Jason Daniel 501-682-9400
State CASA Coordinator Lauren Geier 501-682-9400