Electronic Filing

What is electronic filing?

“Electronic filing” is the electronic transmission to or from a clerk of an electronic document by uploading from the registered user’s (or his or her designated agent’s) or clerk’s computer to the electronic filing system. It does not include submission via e-mail, fax, floppy disks, or other electronic means. - Administrative Order 21

Instead of having to go to the courthouse to file a case, registered attorneys and parties may file their case-related documents on-line using eFlex.

What is eFlex?

Which courts are available on eFlex?

A full list of courts currently participating in eFiling is available on the eFlex support page.

How do filers register for eFlex?

Requirements for courts to offer eFlex:

For a court to offer electronic filing via eFlex, it must first be using the Contexte Case Management System and utilize the Contexte features of internal imaging and accounting.

Can my court electronically file without eFlex?

  • Administrative Order 21 authorizes the AOC to contract with a vendor for a statewide electronic filing solution.
  • It was important for uniformity and consistency that there be only one e-filing system for all courts in Arkansas.
  • Courts are not permitted to provide a separate electronic filing solution.