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The Administrative Office of the Courts holds a statewide license for the Contexte Case Management System from Xerox. Contexte is a web-based system that was chosen and adopted by the Arkansas Supreme Court and has been successfully implemented in both circuit and district courts in Arkansas. The system is capable of managing all aspects of court cases, including judge assignment, parties, violations, docketing, hearings, and accounting. Contexte serves as the cornerstone for sharing complete, accurate, and timely court information with justice agencies such as ACIC and Driver Services. Contexte will soon be the gateway for electronic filing of court cases and law enforcement citations. The system includes a public access module, called CourtConnect, (, an online payment module, eTraffic, (, and is capable of interfacing with document management systems. For circuit courts, Contexte will be replacing the AOC legacy system used for court statistical reporting under Administrative Order No. 8.

The number of courts demanding swift implementation of Contexte is growing. In order to address the demand and to be able to establish reasonable expectations among the courts, the AOC has completed pilot implementation, increased the staff for rollout, and expects to be able to contract for additional short-term resources to speed deployment. The AOC will be using the process described in these pages to prepare and queue the courts for implementation of the Contexte Case Management System.