Request Contexte Project

How do I get my court on the list?

  1. The court should send a written statement of their interest and intent to participate, signed by the clerk and the judge, to the Director of the Administrative Office of the Courts.
  2. The AOC will acknowledge the court’s request in writing and add the court to the list to be reviewed at a later date when all project requests are considered for selection.
  3. Each quarter, the AOC reviews the requests along with the progress of the projects in the portfolio that is aligned with the strategic plan of the Arkansas Judiciary. The AOC will select projects to be started when resources become available. The AOC is determined to continuously improve its process to speed up the implementation progress throughout the state.
  4. The court should review the minimum technology requirements to determine its capabilities.
  5. When a court is selected for a project, AOC will assign a project manager to determine the suitability, risk, size, and scope of the project and determine the next start date for a project based on available resources.
  6. AOC will then conduct an initial visit with project stakeholders to assess the logistics, to get court commitment for project decision-making authority and to ratify an intergovernmental agreement.
  7. Detailed project planning will begin with the court and AOC agreeing on the timeline and milestones for the project.
  8. AOC will conduct a project kickoff to explain the implementation process and to answer court questions.