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Welcome to the Court Information Systems Build Initiative Page! 

We aim to keep you informed on our progress as we work to create an awesome court management system! 


Where are we now? 

The Build CMS Team continues to make progress on the Traffic / Criminal Case Management MMR.  The team has completed construction on the first two MVP (Minimum Viable Product)'s:

  • MVP1 - Basic Case Management for Traffic & Criminal Processing
  • MVP2 - Basic Entity (Person) Management for Traffic & Criminal Processing

Development is ongoing for user authentication & authorization as well as connecting Case Management to Entity Management. 

Also, the Build CDR Team is working on the Data Repository MMR with an MVP to setup a central repository for holding legacy and new data.


What's next? 

The Build CMS team is targeting the end of 2022 to complete construction of merging case & entity management.


Want to know more?

Additional information can be found in the links below:

Looking Ahead Product Roadmap
Looking Ahead Product Roadmap


Release Notes

Read more about what we have accomplished in each phase of the Project.

Release Notes Release Notes Release Notes
[MMR1-MVP1] Initial Case Level Info Case Management [MMR1-MVP2] Initial Entity Info Person Management [MMR1-MVP3] Additional Case and Entity Details


Who is the Build New Team?  

A team from all areas of the CIS Division with members comprising of leadership, software developers, business analysts, dreamers, and innovators. 

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