AOC Public CourtConnect Help

What is Public CourtConnect?
CourtConnect is a portal to public case information for courts using the Contexte Case Management System.  This website allows you to find public information on cases if you know the name of a person in the case, or if you know the case number.

What information is available in CourtConnect?
Currently you may find information on cases in circuit courts and district courts.  CourtConnect provides access to basic information about the case including:

  • The parties
  • The judge
  • The filings in a case
  • Charges and dispositions
  • Future events
  • Judgments

CourtConnect also links to documents for some public court records so you can see the actual filings in the case. Some information in court cases is not considered public information under Arkansas Supreme Court Administrative Order 19, and will not be available on the Internet.

Whom should I contact if I can’t find what I’m looking for?

For additional resources, including district and circuit court contact information,
visit the AOC Public CourtConnect Help page.