Administrative Office of the Courts

Office of Professional Conduct
Name Position Phone Number Department Phone
Stark Ligon Director 1-800-506-6631 (Toll Free)
Diane Sledge Admin. Assistant 1-800-506-6631 (Toll Free)
Billiejo Jennings Administrative Assistant 1-800-506-6631 (Toll Free)
Michael Harmon Deputy Director 1-800-506-6631 (Toll Free)
Alli D. Mack Paralegal 1-800-506-6631 (Toll Free) 501-682-9400
Office of Professional Programs
Name Position Phone Number Department Phone
Nancie Givens Director (501) 374-1855
Sandy Brown Administrative Assistant 501-374-1855
Dana Rowlett Deputy Director (501) 374-1855
Rosemary McFarland Office Manager/Records Supervisor (501) 374-1855