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Reciprocity Requirements for Interpreters Certified in other Jurisdictions


At the discretion of the AOC, reciprocity may be granted to interpreters from other jurisdictions who have been credentialed by the U.S. Courts, a state using an NCSC examination, RID SC:L or BEI provided they meet all Arkansas standards for court interpreters as set forth by the certification requirements of the Arkansas Supreme Court.


All interpreters who seek reciprocity and want to be listed on the Arkansas Registry of Interpreters must be available to work and provide interpreting services to Arkansas state courts and are required to complete the following:


1) Application Process


An applicant must be at least 21 years old and have the legal right to live and work in the United States. Applicant must complete and submit to the AOC a copy of the Reciprocity Form for Arkansas Court Interpreters attaching the following items:


  • Recent passport photo,


  • Copy of Credentials - Submit to the AOC the test version, date administered and test scores provided to the interpreter by the certifying state, U.S. Courts, or sign language interpreter credentialing authority. Sign Language Interpreters will need to comply with Arkansas licensing requirements for Sign Language Interpreters and provide a current copy of their license.


  • Letter of Good Standing - Submit a “good standing” letter from the AOC, or equivalent, in the interpreter’s current jurisdiction. A letter of good standing should state that there have been no complaints of ethical or professional issues that would violate the interpreter’s professional code while the interpreter has been working in that jurisdiction. If he or she has recently moved to a different jurisdiction, a letter from the AOC in the prior jurisdiction shall also be submitted.


2) Agreements


Applicants will receive a copy of each of the documents listed below and must agree in writing to adhere to and comply with:




Any applicant whose application is denied shall be promptly notified.


Each application will be processed by the AOC, and if additional documentation is required, the applicant will be notified promptly as set out herein. At the discretion of the AOC OCIS Director, the individual seeking reciprocity may be required to attend Orientation or complete a court observation assignment with an Arkansas AOC Staff Interpreter.


Once the AOC OCIS Director has reviewed all documents submitted, the applicant will be advised in writing whether the application has been accepted and reciprocity will be granted. If accepted, the name of the applicant will be added to the Arkansas Registry of Certified Court Interpreters through reciprocity. Any applicant whose application is denied shall be promptly notified.