Arkansas Association of Court Management

From the President

Dear Fellow AACM Members:

What a year it has been!

On May 18, 2017, I was elected Vice President of the Arkansas Association of Court Management at the annual membership meeting.  With that position, I had the opportunity to attend the National Association of Court Management conference in Washington D.C. in July.  It was in a word – AMAZING.  I did feel like a little fish in a big pond at times, but it was so informative and such an enlightening experience.  This was the first year for a joint conference with the International Association of Court Administration.  I so appreciated the opportunity to attend.

When I accepted the unexpected open seat of President on August 30, 2017, I understood it was mine and the boards’ responsibility to keep this new organization moving forward to be a viable strength for our Court Managers.  Along with Vice President Ben Barham, Secretary Dawn Thompson, Treasurer Vicki Evans, Regional One Director Belinda Penn, Regional Two Director Polly Leimburg, Regional Three Director Kim Dodson, Regional Four Director Cindy Hunt, Regional Five Director Carla Wooley, and Regional Six Director Karen Cobb, one of our main goals is membership growth.  With power in numbers, we will be able to provide our own conferences with information benefiting our association and continue to be a source of support for each other.

As we look ahead, May 17, 2018 will bring AACM’s business meeting with elections for new officers and a couple of regional directors.  I encourage everyone who is interested to become a part of this team.

One more item as I close, and a great opportunity to look forward to is the National Association of Court Management will hold their 2019 mid-year meeting in Little Rock!  The conference will take place February 10-12, 2019 at the Marriot in downtown Little Rock.  This is such an honor for us and I hope you all will mark your calendars.


With Sincere Thanks,

Bridgette Howard

AACM President

2018-2019 Board Members

President:  Ben Barham
President-Elect: Belinda Penn
Secretary: Dawn Thompson
Treasurer: Vicki Evans
Region 1: Betty Green (2 yr term)
Region 2: Polly Leimburg (3 yr term)
Region 3:  Kim Dodson (1 yr term)
Region 4: Cindy Hunt (1 yr term)
Region 5:  Leslie Hornaday (2 yr term)
Region 6: Karen Cobb (3 yr term)