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5.(A) Credit for approved continuing legal education hours will be given for courses or activities conducted from July 1 through June 30 of each year, and for the purposes of these rules, this period of time shall be known as the "reporting period." If an attorney or a judge acquires, during such reporting period, approved continuing legal education in excess of twelve (12) hours, the excess credit may be carried forward and applied to the education requirement for the succeeding reporting period only. The maximum number of CLE hours one may carry forward is twelve (12), which may include one hour of ethics.

5.(B) Sponsors may be required to report attendance to the Board or its Secretary. Such reports may be required promptly after completion of each program or activity. Attorneys may also report approved activities using a certificate approved by the Board.

5.(C) The Board, through its Secretary, shall maintain current records of CLE attendance for each attorney to whom these rules apply. Pursuant to Board regulation, they shall be
made available to such attorneys.

5.(D) During the course of the reporting period, the Board, through its Secretary, may provide interim reports by first class mail to those attorneys subject to the 12 hour requirement of Rule 3.(A). Such reports will state the number of approved CLE hours each attorney has of record with the Board. On or before July 31 after the conclusion of the immediately preceding reporting period, the Board, through its Secretary, shall provide a final report by first class mail to those attorneys. The number of approved CLE hours stated in the interim and final reports shall be presumed correct unless the attorney notifies the Board otherwise. If the final report shows acquisition of 12 or more approved CLE hours during the reporting period, the attorney shall be deemed to be in compliance with these rules and need not take any further action for the immediately preceding reporting period.

In the event the final report reflects that an attorney has failed to meet the 12 hour requirement of Rule 3.(A), the final report will be accompanied by an acknowledgment of deficiency form. Such attorneys shall sign the acknowledgment of deficiency form and file it with the Board on or before the following August 31. Subsequently, such attorneys shall cure any deficiency by December 1 and provide appropriate documentation to the Board no later than the following December 15. CLE hours reported to the Board pursuant to the acknowledgment of deficiency shall first be applied to the deficiency and any remaining hours will be applied to the current reporting period.

Attorney members of the National Guard or reserves of any branch of the Armed Forces which are mobilized during the reporting period by Gubernatorial or Presidential order shall have an additional 180 days to meet each of the respective filing requirements set forth in the preceding paragraph. Such entitlement shall be based upon appropriate documentation to establish the date of mobilization and the date of release from active duty. Upon request of an affected attorney who is entitled to the relief set forth in this paragraph, the Board may grant additional extensions of time in order to meet the respective filing requirements set forth in the preceding paragraphs. The Board may also waive any of the various fees set forth in Regulation 5.01 of the Regulations of the Board. (Amended by per curiam order May 6, 2004.)

5.(E) The Board is authorized to assess costs against delinquent attorneys in the form of a reasonable fee for filing late and filing a deficiency plan.

5.(F) Newly admitted attorneys shall be subject to the twelve hour minimum requirement during the reporting period that follows the reporting period in which they are admitted.

5.(G) All filings pursuant to Rule 5 will be made with the Secretary to the Arkansas Continuing Legal Education Board, unless the Board directs otherwise. In addition, all such filings that require the signature of an attorney shall be subject to the requirements of Rule 8.4 of the Model Rules of Professional Conduct for Lawyers or its successor rule.

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