Rule 3-4. Record In Criminal Cases.

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(a) Order of record. In all criminal cases, after the caption set forth in Rule 3-1, the record shall be organized in the following sequence:

1. Return of the indictment or information;

2. Defendant's pleadings;

3. Subsequent pleadings and orders in chronological order;

4. Final judgment and commitment or order appealed;

5. Verdict forms and written jury instructions;

6. Motion for new trial, to set aside, amend, etc.;

7. Order granting or denying above motions;

8. Notice of appeal and designation of record;

9. Extensions of time to file record on appeal;

10. Reporters' transcription of testimony;

11. Appeal bond;

12. Certificate, duly acknowledged.

(b) Record of jury matters. (1) The record shall not include the impaneling or swearing of the jury, the names of the jurors, or any motion, affidavit, order, or ruling in reference thereto unless expressly called for by a party's designation of the record.

(2) Verdict forms, written jury instructions, and proffered jury instructions shall be inserted in the record when expressly identified by a party's designation of the record.

(c) Exhibits. Photographs, charts, drawings and other documents that can be inserted into the record shall be included. Documents of unusual bulk or weight shall not be transmitted by the clerk of the circuit court unless the clerk is directed to do so by a party or by the Clerk of the Court. Physical evidence, other than documents, shall not be transmitted unless directed by an order of the Court.

Comment Text: 

Reporter's Notes, 2019 Amendment.

Subdivision (b)(2) was added to provide for verdict forms, written jury instructions, and proffered jury instructions to be inserted in the record.

History Text: 

Amended October 18, 2018, effective January 1, 2019.

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Rules of the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals of the State of Arkansas
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Article III. The Record