Court Information Systems Division Roadmap

Annual Objectives and Key Results

Establish Modernization Roadmap

By creating a roadmap to modernization we will increase court confidence and improve employee satisfaction by establishing a sense of certainty about our path to replace the existing court management systems. Improving the ACAP systems is a top priority of both the Judiciary and CIS Division strategic plans. The AOC has been trying to decide whether to try to buy, build, or modify existing systems or migrate to a newer version provided by Avenu. AOC has signed the Early Adopter Program to gain access to Clearview Court - the new case management system. We have been unsuccessful in acquiring funds to increase staff to support modernization.   With the global pandemic and the likelihood of dramatic budget cuts, we must identify a path forward with limited resources.


Quarterly Objectives and Key Results

Determine Suitability of Clearview Court

By evaluating Clearview Court as one path to modernization. AOC has signed the early adopter program agreement in order to receive access to Clearview to determine its suitability. By analyzing the functionality, technical architecture, and security of Clearview, we can determine whether it offers a viable path to modernization.

Increase Number of Courts on Contexte and eFlex

By continuing Contexte rollouts to district courts and eFlex to circuit courts. We will continue delivering value to our courts, increase uniformity of the courts, and improve the quality of information being provided to our justice partners.

Improve Customer Support Experience

By finding new ways to care for our customers in a timely manner which will increase customer satisfaction and improve the customer experience. Modernization of processes through software development will place more control in the users' hands and reduce the number of contacts to Application Support. Data exchanges improve data quality by getting the data from the original source, thus decreasing manual entry of data in multiple software applications, which impacts court staff efficiency in a positive way.

Increase Reliability and Security of Services

By employing modern technologies like application containers and cloud services. It will increase the reliability and security of our network and adopting emerging infrastructure technologies will mean employing new and evolving best practices in the services that we provide to the courts.

Improve Organizational Culture

By adopting a positive culture for our division that represents our beliefs in how we work together to achieve the goals of the CIS Division, AOC, and the Judiciary. Inspired by the book by Tony Hsieh, Delivering Happiness, we aspire to create a culture book for the CIS Division and adopt a list of values to help guide our employees on how to behave and treat one another.