AOC Modernization News!

Arkansas Supreme Court Chief Justice Kemp

Financial Information is now available on Case View!

Here are some of the highlights and features you'll see with Case View:

  • The case number stays at the top of the page as you scroll through the case
  • Easy navigation through the navigation frame
  • History modals! History is available on Case View around the following areas of a case:
    • Case Change history
    • Case Status history
    • Party Status history
    • Party Change history
    • Offense history
    • Docket history
    • Milestone history
  • Contact information is now available for the court, parties and judges
  • Easy to see party associations
  • Search by date, description, code, or name on the docket
  • Printer-friendly through the browser print functionality
  • Notes are now visible outside of Contexte
  • Service Documents are divided into Active and Inactive Sections