December 3 Oral Proficiency Exam for Court Certification (OPECC), in Fayetteville

Test Date

Exam Location

Registration Deadline

December 3, 2021

Washington Co.

Circuit Court

Conference Room 115

280 N. College Ave.

Fayetteville, AR 72701

November 1, 2021

Have you completed Phase 1 & 2 of certification process in the past two years? Answer below questions.

Note: You must complete Phase 1 & Phase 2 before you can take the OPECC.

  • Phase I
    • Attend an Arkansas Orientation? – Yes or No (circle one)
    • Pass the English Language Assessment? - Yes or No (circle one)
  • Phase II
    • Pass the Oral Proficiency Interview exam?- Yes or No (circle one)

Registration Checklist:

  1. Complete Background Check Form
  2. Complete Registration Form
  3. Enclose $250 fee (Non-Refundable) – Payable to: AOC Court Interpreter Fund
  4. Mail Background Check Form, Registration Form & Check to:

Justice Building, AOC Office of Court Interpreter Services

625 Marshall St., Little Rock, AR 72201

Questions? Contact Court Interpreter Services at (501) 682-9400 or