Parallel References

This unofficial table, which is prepared by the Office of the Arkansas Supreme Court Committee on Professional Conduct, as of January 1, 2002, shows the location in the Procedures Regulating Professional Conduct of Attorneys at Law, adopted effective January 1, 2002, of those sections of the former Procedures pertaining to corresponding subject matters.

Former Procedure Section No. Current Procedure Section No. Subject Matter
1A 1A Scope-Purpose of Procedures
1B 1B Model Rules adopted
1C 1C Nature of proceedings
1D 1D Repealer
1E 2 Definitions
2A 3A Committee composition
2B 3B Quorum
2C 3C Authority-powers
2D 3D Immunity of Committee and staff
2E 3E Expenses, Committee
2F 3A3 Reserve "pool"--panel
  4 (Panels)--NEW
3A 5A Office of Professional Conduct
3B 5B Reviews
3C 5D Staff attorneys
3D 5E Compensation--expenses
4A 6A Confidential communications
4B 6B Exceptions
4C 6C Sanctions made public
5A 7A Panel, general authority
5B 7B Proof, standard of
5C 7C Proof, burden of
5D 7D Rules of Evidence and Civil Procedure
5E 9A Complaint, service of
5F 9B Response, time and manner of
5G 10 Ballot vote
5H 10D Ballot vote, results of
5I 9C Failure to respond/reconsideration
5J 11 Public hearing
5K 13 Disbarment proceedings
5L 12 Appeal
5M 11G Doctor-patient privilege waived
5N 11H Immunity
6A 15A Guilt, reporting determination of
6B 15B Notification of possible criminal activity
6C 15C Disbarment procedures
7A 17A Grounds for discipline
7B 17B Serious misconduct
7C 17C Lesser misconduct
7D 17D Types of sanctions
7E 17E Imposition of sanctions
7F 19 Factors to consider for sanctions
7G 27 Contempt
7H 20A Surrender
7I 21 Duties of sanctions attorneys
7J 22 Former attorneys
7K 23 Reinstatement
7L 24 Readmission
7M 14 Reciprocal disbarment or suspension
7N 25 Inactive status
8A 18 Fines, costs, restitution
8B 16 Interim suspension
8C 20B Discipline by consent
  26 Expungement
  28 (Proposed) Attorney Trust Account Overdraft Notification