MMR1-MVP3 Release Notes

MMR1-MVP3 Release Notes

User Security/Management

·        Added Yellow Horizontal Navigation Bar

o   Username is in top right

o   User Settings is to the left of the Username

o   If the User is an Administrator, there is a Manage Users button to the left of the User Settings button

·        Added Registration process

o   Self Service Registration

§  This is for a new user to register themselves

§  They set the following:

·        Username

·        Organizations they need/want access

·        Title (Clerk, Judge, Attorney, etc.)

·        Security Questions

·        Password

o   Administrator Registration

§  This is for an administrator to register users

§  They set the following:

·        Username

·        Organizations

·        Title

·        Password

o   Requires reset on first login

§  The user must also set Security Questions after they login*

·        Change Password

o   It is located under User Settings

o   This is for the User to change their own password after they have logged in ONLY

·        Reset Password*

o   This is for the Administrator to reset users’ passwords

o   Requires the user whose password is reset to change their password on login

·        Approve Users

o   This is for the administrator for a given organization to approve users who have requested access to one of their organizations

o   Ability to approve multiple users at the same time

o   Rejected User accounts are deleted if all requested Organizations are rejected

o   Approved accounts will not have access to anything above public access until their User Security is setup

·        Informational Access

o   After approving a User, the administrator will have the ability to create User Security for informational access

o   Each Security Record contains the following fields:

§  Court ID

§  Case Group Type ID

·        i.e., District Court County, Circuit Court - Criminal, etc.

§  Security Level ID

·        Public

·        Public Courthouse

·        Non-Public

·        Sensitive Information

·        Top Security

§  Sealed

§  Expunged

§  Query Only

§  Sealed Docket

§  Party Only

·        Functional Access

o   After a user is approved, the administrator will have the ability to add roles and claims to the user for each Court that is associated with the organization(s) they have access to

o   Roles include:

§  Administrator

§  Supervisor

§  Front-line

§  Other roles to be made as needed*

o   Claims include:

§  Case Management

§  Entity Management

§  Create Case*

§  Create Entity*

§  Update Case*

§  Update Entity*

§  Delete Case*

§  Delete Entity*

§  Other claims to be made as needed*

o   User Security Records will be used in conjunction with these claims and roles to further restrict access*

o   If a user has the Administrator Role, they will have a button to Manage Users

Integrating Case Management and Entity Management*

·        Users will be able to add Entities to a Case as Parties

·        Users will be able to view Parties on a Case

o   Done from Case Management

·        Users will be able to view Cases that an Entity is a party on

o   Done from Entity Management

·        Parties on a case will have visual associations

o   i.e., Visible association of a defendant and their attorney

Updates to existing functionality

·        Updated details screen for Entity Management to be more modern and user friendly

*Signifies not yet implemented, but expected functionality