Arkansas Judicial Council

Arkansas Judicial Council Photo

Judicial Council, fall 2018 meeting.

Information about Arkansas Judicial Council

Arkansas Judicial Council consists of all judges of the state circuit courts, judges of the Arkansas Court of Appeals, justices of the Arkansas Supreme Court, retired justices and judges of those courts, and the Director of the Arkansas Administrative Office of the Courts.  The Council acts as the official body representing the state's judiciary.

The Council was organized "to foster and preserve the integrity, dignity, and independence of the judiciary; to promote uniformity and dispatch in judicial administration; to develop, implement and maintain a program of judicial education preassisting members newly elected or appointed to the bench; to provide continuing legal education for members accommodating the diverse needs of chancellors, circuit judges and appellate justices; and to select member to the Judicial Retirement board."

The Council has statutory responsibilities which include making recommendations to the General Assembly on judicial redistricting and the addition of new judgeships in the state; and appointment of the five members of the Board of Trustees of the Arkansas Judicial Retirement System. Ark. Code Ann. section 16-10-501 ("Development of criteria for new judgeships or redistricting"); Ark. Code Ann. section 24-8-203 ("Board of Trustees of the Arkansas Judicial Retirement System"). Formal business of the Council is conducted in spring and fall meetings each year.


2018-2019 Officers
Officer Name Phone Fax

Hon. John Fogleman, President
Circuit Judge
110 Center Street
Marion, AR 72364

870-739-3156 870-739-5224
Hon.  Wiley Branton Jr., Past-President
Circuit Judge
3001 W. Roosevelt
Little Rock, AR 72201
501-340-6666 501-340-6928
Hon. Charles Clawson, President-Elect
Circuit Judge
801 Locust Street
Conway, AR 72034
501-450-4970 501-450-4972
Mr. Marty Sullivan, Secretary/Treasurer
Director, Administrative Office of the Courts
625 Marshall Street, Justice Building
Little Rock AR 72201
501-682-9400 501-682-9410


2018-2019 Board of Directors
Name Phone Fax Term Expires

Hon. Melissa Richardson
Circuit Judge
PO Box 420
Jonesboro, AR 72403

870-933-4599 870-933-7707 October 2021

Hon. Alex Guynn
Circuit Judge
101 West Barraque
Pine Bluff, AR 71601

870-541-5368 870-541-5730 October 2021

Hon. Tom Smith
Circuit Judge
8 Sechrest
Rogers, AR 72758

479-271-1020 479-271-5752 October 2021

Hon. Shawn Womack
Supreme Court Justice
625 Marshall Street
Little Rock AR 72201

501-682-6861 501-682-4002 October 2019

Hon. Ann Hudson
Circuit Judge
P. O. Box 995
Forrest City AR 72336

870-633-5995 870-630-1203 October 2019

Hon. Edwin Keaton
Circuit Judge
Ouachita County Courthouse
Camden AR 71701

870-231-9145 870-231-9330 October 2019

Hon. Alice Gray
Circuit Judge
401 West Markham Street, Room 350
Little Rock AR 72201

501-340-8530 501-340-6035 October 2020

Hon. Cathleen Compton
Circuit Judge
401 West Markham Street, Room 320
Little Rock AR 72201

501-340-8426 501-340-6038 October 2020

Hon. Duncan Culpepper
Circuit Judge
P. O. Box 605
Prescott AR 71857

870-887-8787 870-887-3208 October 2020