Drug Court Treatment Program

First Judicial Circuit Drug Court

The St. Francis County Drug Court Treatment Program is a specialized court-supervised drug treatment program providing intensive substance abuse treatment and case management for non-violent offenders. The program will integrate drug and alcohol treatment services with criminal justice system case processing in that the Drug Court, case manager and treatment providers maintain ongoing communication regarding each participant's overall program performance. The program will serve up to twenty-five (25) participants at a time. These participants will undergo assessment, treatment, rehabilitation, intense supervision, drug screening, education and/or job skill training and other services deemed necessary which are available through the Drug Court and other community resources. The Drug Court Team will strive to make available to the participants any and all means available to successfully complete the five (5) phase program. There will be strong judicial leadership and involvement with each of the participants. Once the participants are selected for enrollment, the prosecutor and defense attorney will take a non-adversarial approach in dealing with the participants. Each member of the Drug Court Team will strive to encourage the participants to keep trying, even though relapse is an unfortunate expected possibility while in the program. Ultimately, as a result of the St. Francis County Drug Court Treatment Program, St. Francis County will experience a reduction in the number of drug and alcohol addicted individuals, a reduction in recidivism of drug-related crimes, and imergence of rehabilitated individuals becoming productive members of society.

Qualifying Factors for Admission into the First Judicial Circuit Adult Drug Court

  • The offender must be 18 years of age or older.
  • The offender must be a resident of the First Judicial Circuit.
  • The offender shall be clinically assessed and determined to be in need of alcohol and/or drug services.
  • The offender must acknowledge their problem.
  • The offender must be currently charged with a felony level offense.
  • The offense must be of a non-violent nature.
  • The offender must be a likely candidate for incarceration as a result of drug related charges pending in the First Judicial Circuit. The offender must not have a history of violent behavior.
  • The offender may be male or female.
  • The offender may be a probation violator.
  • The offender must not have other pending unresolved cases.

The Drug Court Team consists of the following:

Circuit Judge: Christopher W. Morledge P.O. Box Box 1225 Forrest City, Arkansas 72336, 870-261-1740; Fax: 870-261-1733 Deputy Prosecuting Attorney: Austin Easley & John Houseal P.O. Box 1115 Forrest City, Arkansas 72336 870-633-1447; Fax: 870-633-1687 Public Defender:  Mr. Jerry D. Roberts P.O. Box 844 Wynne, Arkansas 72396 870-238-2412; Fax: 870-238-2599 Drug Court Coordinator: Assistant Area Manager, Probation/Parole Mr. Matthew Drake 409 North Rosser Street Forrest City, Arkansas 72335 870-630-1667; 870-630-1746 Intake/Adminstrative Assistant: Ms. Kirstyn Fields, 409 North Rosser Street Forrest City, Arkansas 72335 870-630-1667; 870-630-1746 email: tonja.scaife@arkansas.gov Supervising Probation Officer:  Mr. Maurice Golantt 409 North Rosser Street Forrest City, Arkansas 72335 870-639-1667; Fax: 870-630-1746 Counselor: Ms. Betty Leak, 409 North Rosser Street Forrest City, Arkansas 72335 870-630-1667; Fax: 870-630-1746



Judge Kathie Hess
Circuit Judge, Juvenile Division
P.O. Box 2232
Forrest City, Arkansas 72336
Phone: 870-633-5995
Fax: 870-630-1203

Juvenile Drug Court Coordinator
Dana Jones Dennis 

P.O. Box 2691
Forrest City, Arkansas 72336
Office:  870-261-1757
Cell:  870-317-9046