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A. No attorney who has been disbarred or who has surrendered his or her law license in
this State shall thereafter be readmitted to the Bar of Arkansas except upon application made to
the State Board of Law Examiners in accordance with the Rules Governing Admission To The
Bar, or any successor rules, and the approval of the Arkansas Supreme Court.
B. Provided, however, that application for readmission to the Bar of Arkansas shall not
be allowed in any of the following circumstances:
(1) A period of less than five (5) years has elapsed since the effective date of the
order of disbarment or surrender;
(2) The disbarment or surrender resulted from conviction of a Serious Crime in
any jurisdiction, unless the Serious Crime was an offense for which the culpable mental state was
that of negligence or recklessness; or
(3) Any of the grounds found to be the basis of a disbarment or any grounds
presented in a voluntary surrender of law license are of the character and nature of conduct that
reflects adversely on the individual's honesty or trustworthiness, whether or not the conviction of
any criminal offense occurred.

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Procedures of the Arkansas Supreme Court Regulating Professional Conduct of Attorneys at Law