Rule 8. Judgments; How Entered.

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(a) By Default. When a defendant has failed to file an answer or reply within the time specified by Rule 6(b) of these rules, a default judgment may be rendered against him.

(b) Upon the Merits. Where the court has decided the case, it shall enter judgment in favor of the prevailing party for the relief to which the party is deemed entitled.

(c) Docket Entry. The court shall timely enter in the docket the date and amount of the judgment, whether rendered by default or upon the merits.

(d) Judgment Lien. A judgment entered by a district court in this state shall not become a lien against any real property unless a certified copy of such judgment, showing the name of the judgment debtor, the date and amount thereof, shall be filed in the office of the circuit clerk of the county in which such land is situated.

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History. Amended November 18, 1996, effective March 1, 1997; revised December 9, 2004, effective January 1, 2005

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