Rule 6.01. [Procedure And Fees].

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(1) In the absence of the Chairman of the Board, the remaining voting members of the Board shall elect from among its number, by a majority vote, a presiding officer for the hearing in question.
(2) The expense of a court reporter's attendance, if a record is requested, shall be paid by the affected attorney.
(3) The burden of proof as to compliance with the Rules shall remain with the attorney.
(4) Not less than ten days before a hearing, at the request of either the Board or the attorney, each shall apprise the other of the names, addresses, and phone numbers of witnesses and provide copies of all exhibits each intends to present at the hearing.
(5) The Rules of Evidence shall apply subject to the exercise of reasonable discretion by the majority of the Board.
(6) In addition, pursuant to Rule 6, the Board may assess a reinstatement fee not to exceed TWO HUNDRED FIFTY DOLLARS ($250.00). Such fees shall be payable to the Bar of Arkansas.

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History. Per Curiam July 9, 1990; amended June 27, 1994, effective July 1, 1994

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Regulations of the Arkansas Continuing Legal Education Board
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Section 6 - Hearing Procedures/Sanctions