Rule 4-1. Style Of Briefs.

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(a) Briefs - Size - Paper - Type. All briefs shall be type written or produced with computer or word processing equipment. Briefs shall be of uniform size on opaque, unglazed 8" x 11" white paper and firmly bound on the left hand margin by staples or other binding devices. If staples are used, they should be covered by tape. Briefs shall be double-spaced, except for quoted material, which may be single-spaced and indented. Footnote lines, except quotations, shall be double-spaced. Use of footnotes is not encouraged and should be used sparingly. Carbon copies are not acceptable, but copies produced by offset printing, positive photocopy, or other dry photo-duplicating process which produces a clearly legible black-on-white reproduction may be used. The abstract, statement of the case, argument, and addendum shall each be numbered sequentially from page one, and both sides of the page may be used. The margin at the top, outer edge, and bottom of each page shall be not less than one inch, and the margin at the binding edge shall be wide enough to allow the text to be read easily. Typeface shall be proportionally spaced, shall not be less than 14 points, and must include serifs, but sans-serif type may be used in headings and captions. Commercial organizations or members of the bar maintaining equipment for duplicating may submit to the Clerk samples for prior approval. If the Clerk is satisfied that such duplicating process will produce documents which conform to the specifications of this rule, it will be approved.

(b) Length of argument. Unless leave of the court is first obtained, the argument portion of a brief shall not exceed 30 double-spaced pages including the conclusion, if any. The appellant's reply brief shall not exceed 15 double-spaced pages and shall not include any supplemental abstract unless permitted by the court upon motion. Motions for an expansion of the page limit must set forth the reason or reasons for the request and must state that a good faith effort to comply with this rule has been made. The motion must specify the number of additional pages requested.

(c) Pro se briefs. Where the appellant in a criminal appeal is entitled to representation by counsel, pro se briefs will be accepted only when the appellant has filed an affidavit stating that the appellant has knowingly and intelligently refused the services of an attorney on appeal. Such a brief shall also be accompanied by an affidavit that the appellant has prepared it without the paid assistance of any other prison inmate.

(d) Compliance with Administrative Order No. 19 required. All parts of all briefs, including the abstract and any document attached to any brief in the addendum, must comply with the protective requirements for confidential information established by Administrative Order No. 19. Counsel and unrepresented parties shall follow the redaction and filing procedure established by Arkansas Rule of Civil Procedure 5(c)(2)(A) & (B). That procedure includes (1) eliminating all unnecessary or irrelevant confidential information; (2) redacting all necessary and relevant confidential information; and (3) filing an unredacted version under seal. If the record contains confidential information that is neither necessary nor relevant for the appellate court's consideration of the case, then the party shall omit that information throughout the brief, including the abstract and addendum. If confidential information is integrated with necessary information, then the party should redact the confidential information in the abstract and addendum. In this situation, the party need not file an unredacted version of the brief. If the confidential information is necessary and relevant to a decision on appeal, pursuant to Rule 4-4, the party must file one redacted copy and seventeen unredacted copies of the brief for a total of eighteen copies. The unredacted copies shall be filed under seal. The cover of each brief shall indicate clearly whether it is REDACTED or UNREDACTED.

(e) Noncompliance. Briefs not in compliance with this rule shall not be accepted by the Clerk. When a party submits a brief on time that substantially complies with the rules, the Clerk may mark the brief モtendered,ヤ grant the party a seven-day compliance extension, and return the brief to the party for correction. If the party resubmits a compliant brief within seven (7) calendar days, then the Clerk shall accept that brief for filing on the date it is received.

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Addition to Reporter's Notes, 2014 Amendment: Both Rule 4-1 and Rule 4-4 required the filing on appeal of nine copies of redacted briefs and nine copies of unredacted briefs, for a total of eighteen copies. However, only one copy of the redacted brief need be filed---for public viewing, while 17 copies of unredacted briefs should be filed for use by the courts and court personnel. Rules 4-1 and 4-4 are amended accordingly.

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Amended March 13, 2014, effective July 1, 2014.

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Article IV. Briefs