Rule 3-6. Disposal Of Record And Exhibits.

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(a) Procedure to obtain ラ Failure to return. Attorneys may obtain from the Clerk the record in a disposed of case by giving a receipt and may retain the record for a period of not more than thirty days. No extension of time will be granted until the record has been returned, and then only upon order of the Court. Upon failure to return the record within the time allotted, the Clerk shall demand its return. If the demand is not complied with within ten days, the delinquency shall be reported to the Court at which time a citation shall issue commanding the attorney to appear before the Court immediately and show cause why a citation for contempt should not issue.

(b) Failure to claim exhibits in civil cases. All exhibits filed in civil cases and not attached to the transcript, in the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals, must be claimed by the party who presented the exhibit to the circuit court and be removed from the Clerk's office within 90 days from the date the mandate is issued. The attorney receiving the exhibits must sign the docket showing their receipt. If an exhibit is not claimed within the 90 days, the Clerk may destroy or dispose of it after giving the parties, or the attorneys of record, 30 days notice of the Clerk's intention to do so.

(c) Exhibits in criminal cases.

(1) Exhibits in cases in which the mandate has been issued for more than five years shall be disposed of in the following manner:

(A) Physical exhibits consisting of weapons, in whatever form, shall be transferred to the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms for disposal pursuant to Bureau policy.

(B) Controlled substances, in whatever form, shall be transferred to the Arkansas Department of Health for disposal pursuant to Department policy.

(C) All other exhibits, except those contained in the record, may be destroyed at the discretion of the Clerk.

(2) All exhibits shall be retained in cases that are subject to continuing litigation or in which the defendant received a sentence of death.

(3) Exhibits in cases which are reversed on appeal shall be transferred to the Office of the Prosecutor Coordinator when the mandate from the Court issues.

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