Rule 3-2. Items To Be Omitted From The Record.

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(a) Generally. The clerks of the circuit courts in making records to be transmitted to the Court, shall, unless excepted by the provisions of this Rule, include all matters in the record as required by Rule 3-1(n).

(b) Summons. In cases where the defendant has appeared, the clerk shall not set out any summons or other writ of process for appearance or the return thereof, but shall state: "Summons issued", (showing date) "and served", (showing date).

(c) Amended pleadings. In case of an amendment to the pleadings by substitution, the clerks shall treat the amended pleading as the only one and shall refrain from copying into the records any pleadings withdrawn, waived or superseded by amendment, unless it is expressly called for by a party's designation of the record.

(d) Incidental matters. Clerks shall not insert in the record any matter concerning the organization or adjournment of court, the impaneling or swearing of the jury, the names of jurors, including any motion, affidavit, or order or ruling in reference thereto, any continuance or commission to take testimony or the return thereto, any notice to take depositions or the caption or certificate of the officer before whom such depositions are taken, or any other incidental matter, unless it is expressly called for by a party's designation of the record.

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Article III. The Record