Order 15. Attorneys - 15.2 Pro Bono Legal Services by Non-admitted Licensed Attorneys.

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(a) Authorization to Provide Pro Bono Services. Notwithstanding the limitations on practice for attorneys who are not licensed by the State of Arkansas, non-admitted attorneys are authorized to provide pro bono legal services in this state as set out in this order. This order constitutes legal authorization for purposes of Ark. R. Prof'l Conduct 5.5(d)(2).

(1) The attorney must be licensed in another state or the District of Columbia and be in good standing in that jurisdiction.

(2) The attorney shall provide his or her services without charge or an expectation of a fee to persons of limited means who have been referred to the attorney by an authorized sponsoring entity as set out in subsection (b) and only through such referrals.

(3) The volunteering attorney shall complete any appropriate training required by the sponsoring entity and shall additionally comply with the Continuing Legal Education requirements of any state in which the attorney holds a current license to practice law.

(4) If the volunteer attorney's services for a client require a court appearance, the attorney shall comply with the appearance requirements of Rule XIV of the Rules Governing Admission to the Bar and/or the procedure of the applicable forum, even if the attorney resides inside the State of Arkansas.

(5) The volunteer attorney agrees to be bound and subject to all applicable Arkansas Rules of Professional Conduct.

(b) Sponsoring Entity. When providing pro bono services pursuant to this provision, attorney's representation shall be under the auspices of a sponsoring entity. The sponsoring entity shall be a legal aid services provider that represents Arkansas clients, namely Legal Aid of Arkansas, Inc., Center for Arkansas Legal Services, Inc., Lone Star Legal Aid, Inc., or such other entity as may be approved by the Arkansas Supreme Court, and shall:

(1) make the volunteer attorney aware of the sponsoring entity's resources that may be of assistance to the attorney;

(2) maintain a log on an annual basis of all volunteer attorneys providing legal services through that sponsoring entity; and

(3) provide professional malpractice insurance covering the volunteer attorney's services if the volunteer attorney is not otherwise covered by professional malpractice insurance.

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History. Adopted September 21, 2001; amended by per curiam order March 31, 2011.

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