Court Information Systems Team Quarterly Planning

2020 Q2 Planning was held on March 31st - April 1st.  Here is a list of the planned features for the teams to complete in the second quarter.  This list is in ORDER OF PRIORITY:

  1. eFlex “Lite” Implementations with Remote Training
  2. Complete Oracle Cloud Migration
  3. Complete iMIS Upgrade with Online Payment Processing
  4. Determine Functionality Gap between Contexte and Clearview Courts
  5. SAVRY Changes to Allow Access for DYS Users
  6. Contexte Implementation in District Court with Remote Training
  7. Complete the Firewall Replacement for JB
  8. Complete 900 West Move
  9. Deliver 1st CIS Division Culture Book
  10. Deliver User Access Terminate/Create Apex Application
  11. Deliver Internal CourtConnect Apex Application
  12. Prepare 2020 VIRTUAL ACAP System Conference Sessions
  13. Deliver SCALES 1.1 with RANT and DWI RANT Assessments
  14. Complete Multifactor Authentication Office 365
  15. Sundown Skype and Replace with MS Teams
  16. Complete Centralized Logging
  17. Complete the Sunset of Laserfiche


2020 Q2 Quarterly Planning Report


Updated Report