Court Information Systems Quarterly Planning

For the fourth quarter of 2022, the CIS Division plans to focus on:

  1. Complete PSTYBY full migration and ongoing replication of legacy case management data and images
  2. CMS Case & Entity Associations
  3. Complete WebLogic Upgrade
  4. Build New Initiative UAT and PROD Infrastructure
  5. Complete support transition and Inception on Attorney Management
  6. Complete support transition and Inception on Specialty Courts
  7. Annual Juror Merge/Purge Data (
  8. eFlex Lite Implementations
  9. Complete MFA for Courts and implement associated security policies
  10. Prepare for Build New Initiative Ramp-up/Restructure / Update CIS Division Strategic Initiatives / Implement Agile Mgmt Tool
  11. AST Mini Process Trainings for AOC Staff & Create a CIS Division Skill Wall
  12. Complete the Migration of the Judiciary Website to AWS