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ACAP Project Update CIS Division Projects Progress At A Glance October, 2014
Children in the Courts and CASA Conferences Overview of the Children in the Courts and CASA Conferences held at the Doubletree Hotel in Little Rock October, 2014
Haunted Courthouses of Arkansas An in-depth look at haunted courthouses in Arkansas October, 2014
Arkansas 4-H Group Visits the Justice Building More than 100 children visited the Justice Building June 26 as part of their Citizen and Leadership Camp. July, 2014
State of the Judiciary State of the Judiciary: Chief Justice Jim Hannah - June 13, 2014 July, 2014
Dealing with High-Profile Cases Here are a few things that can help ensure a smoother courtroom experience when dealing with media and public attention May, 2014
Meet Judge David McCormick Meet Judge David McCormick: Circuit Judge, hunter, and marathon runner May, 2014
2014 District Court Clerk of the Year Melba Russell named the 2014 District Court Clerk of the Year May, 2014
Trial Court Assistants Association Announces 2014-2016 Board The Trial Court Assistants Association elected the new officers at their annual conference in Eureka Springs May, 2014
Supreme Court Staff Honor Law Clerk in ALS Walk Supreme Court employees participated in the Arkansas Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Association’s Walk to Defeat ALS May, 2014
Meet Pollyanna Leimberg Meet Polly Leimberg: mother, adventurer, and one of the hardest-working people in the Fourteenth Judicial Circuit March, 2014
Office of the Criminal Justice Coordinator Holds Special Supreme Court Meeting The Office of the Criminal Justice Coordinator holds special program on decisions affecting sentencing and post-conviction procedures March, 2014
Foreign Language Interpreters Meet in Springdale Foreign language interpreters meet in Springdale to discuss dealing with ethical and other issues that arise in courts March, 2014
First Female Majority in Arkansas Supreme Court History Court of Appeals Judge Rhonda Wood's election to the Supreme Court will make the first female-majority Supreme Court in Arkansas history March, 2014
The Arkansas Courts and Community Initiative ACCI seeks to create a newfound appreciation for our system of checks and balances by coordinating events, programs, and... January, 2014