About Historical Society

Mission statement

The mission of The Arkansas Supreme Court Historical Society, Inc. is to promote the preservation, dissemination, and understanding of the history of the judicial department of state government through exhibits, conferences, publications, and other activities.


Fred Ursery, President
Anthony Black, Vice-President
Ava M Hicks, Secretary/Treasurer

Board of Directors

Term Expires 9/2020

Michael B. Dougan
Judge Roger Logan (RETIRED)
David Ware
Judge Joyce Warren
Chief Justice Jack W. Holt, Jr. (RETIRED)
Ernie Dumas

Term Expires 9/2021

Donna Gay
Jackie Walker
Ava M. Hicks
Frances Ross
Fred Ursery
John Gill

Term Expires 9/2022

Anthony Black
Dent Gitchel
Stark Ligon
Marty Sullivan
Jason Hendren
Michael Kiel Kaiser
Chief Justice John Dan Kemp