Court Reporters

Title City State Zipsort ascending Status
Robin K. Ussery Little Rock AR 72202 Retired
Fern Deen Kilgore Little Rock AR 72202 Retired
Karen Duke Little Rock AR 72201 Active
Valarie Dawn Flora Little Rock AR 72201 Active
Sheila Russell AR 72201 Revoked, 5 years - Discipline by Consent, Order filed 12/9/2016, Violations of Section 19 of the Rules and Section 7(g) of the Regulations
Taylor Foreman Little Rock AR 72201 Active
Susan B. Whitson Little Rock Arkansas 72201 Active
Amanda B. Poe Little Rock AR 72201 Active
Karen Baker Dellinger Little Rock AR 72201 Active
Felecia Victoria Jacks Little Rock AR 72201 Active
Denise Mack Little Rock AR 72201 Active
Debra A. Westmoreland LittleRock AR 72201 Active
Ellen Hart Little Rock AR 72201 Active
Melanie Y. Miller North Little Rock AR 72190 Active
Krystal Jones Ward AR 72176 Active
Sondra Williford Vilonia AR 72173 Retired
Dennis Mickels Vilonia AR 72173 Active
Debbie Henley Vilonia AR 72173 Active
Amy Nicole Hartwick Vilonia AR 72173 Active
James Diley Vilonia AR 72173 Active
Sarah Hopkins Vilonia AR 72173 Retired - Voluntary Surrender 1.19.2023
Gloria Cobb Sweet Home AR 72164 Deceased
Tara Hertzog Stuttgart AR 72160 Active
Stacy Simpson Stuttgart AR 72160 Active
Judy Honeycutt Baser Stuttgart AR 72160 Retired - Voluntary Surrender 1.22.22
Traci Felts Stuttgart AR 72160 Inactive - Section 13 Rules
Jordan Cortez Stuttgart AR 72160 Active
Celia Jamison Sheridan AR 72150 Active
Linda H. Wisdom Sheridan AR 72150 Retired
Markaiah Raney Sheridan AR 72150 Active
Deborah D. Hall Searcy AR 72143 Active
Reni L. Irby Searcy AR 72143 Active
Shirley Perry Searcy AR 72143 Active
Kimela Ann Hardin Searcy AR 72143 Active
Lois M. Lambert Searcy AR 72143 Deceased
Elizabeth J. Watson Searcy AR 72143 Active
Tara Dalrymple Searcy AR 72143 Expired Certificate - Section 9, Regulations
Robin E. Johnson Roland AR 72135 Deceased
Sharon Earls Roland AR 72135 Retired
Crystal Garrison Maumelle AR 72131 Active