Court Reporters

Title City State Zipsort descending Status
Jenny Burks West Memphis AR 72301 Retired - Voluntary Surrender 11.9.2023
William Kisselburg Blytheville AR 72313 Active
Ashley White Dyess AR 72330 Retired - Voluntary Surrender 12.20.21
Carla K. Astin Forrest City AR 72335 Active
Mary Anne Baskin Forrest City AR 72335 Retired
Phyllis Findley Forrest City AR 72335 Active
Elvetta J. Engler Forrest City AR 72335 Active
Anne C. Perry Forrest City AR 72335 Active
Alvah Griggs Forrest City AR 72335 Deceased
Linda Fay Whitfield Helena AR 72342 Active
Linda E. Worstell Lexa AR 72355 Retired
Amanda Crain Marion AR 72364 Active
Kristy Wheeler Moro AR 72368 Active
Rosemary M. Jones Osceola AR 72370-2532 Retired - Voluntary Surrender 10.31.22
Betty McLain Wheatley AR 72392 Active
Carol Cook Jonesboro AR 72401 Active
Dianne Gibson Jonesboro AR 72401 Active - Discipline by Consent February 9, 2015 - Violation of Section 11 of the Rule and Sections 19(c), 19(d) and 19(e) of the Regulations
Margie B. Woods Jonesboro AR 72401 Retired
Joslyn Johnson Jonesboro AR 72401 Retired
Sherry Reece Jonesboro AR 72401 Active
Dana Beck Jonesboro AR 72401 Active - Discipline by Consent February 9, 2015 - Violation of Section 11 of the Rule and violation of Section 6, Section 19(b), 19(c), 19(d), 19(e)(5) and Section 20 of the Regulations
Susan Michelle Jones Jonesboro AR 72401 Active
Sandra K. Wright Jonesboro AR 72403 Active
Dorothy Johnson Jonesboro AR 72403 Active
Laura D. Bowen Jonesboro AR 72403 Active
Christy Wilson Jonesboro AR 72403 Active
Jordan Kelley Jonesboro AR 72404 Active
Docie Johnson Jonesboro AR 72404 Retired
Suzanne Veach Jonesboro AR 72404 Active
Buffy D. Topper Jonesboro AR 72404 Active
Jerri Robin Watts Jonesboro AR 72404 Inactive - Section 13 Rules
Allison Bouland Jonesboro AR 72405 Active
Robert Kieninger Brookland AR 72417 Retired
Kelsea Pennington Lake City AR 72437 Active
Anita B. Howard Lynn AR 72440 Retired
Cynthia D. White Manila AR 72442 Active
Alton Barnett Paragould AR 72450 Expired Certificate - Section 9, Regulations
Jerri Brown Paragould AR 72450 Active
Heather L. Lewallen Paragould AR 72450 Active
Barbara J. Fisher Paragould AR 72451 Deceased