Court Reporters

Title City State Zipsort descending Status
Jane Hall North Little Rock AR 72116 Active - Discipline by Consent January 29, 2020 - Violation of Section 19(c) of the Regulations
Catherine Anderson North Little Rock AR 72116 Expired Certificate - Section 9, Regulations
Robyn Bradley North Little Rock AR 72116 Active
Mildred Hale Turnbow North Little Rock AR 72116 Retired
Kim Rousseau North Little Rock AR 72116 Active
Wilma Jean Defoggi North Little Rock AR 72116-9196 Active
Cameron Mosley North Little Rock AR 72118 Suspended, Section 13 Rules and Expired Certificate, Section 9 Regulations
Cris M. Brasuell Sherwood AR 72120 Active
Jewel E. Harper Sherwood AR 72120 Active
Gwendolyn R. LaSalle Sherwood AR 72120 Active
Donna Petre Sherwood AR 72120 Active
Cheryl Nelson Kellar Sherwood AR 72120 Expired Certificate -- Section 9 Regulations 3/10/2018
Beth C. Kremers Sherwood AR 72120 Active
Orville Henderson Buddy Gibson Sherwood AR 72120 Active
Sarah Ellen Gibson Sherwood AR 72120 Active
Dorothy L. Brown Sherwood AR 72120 Deceased
Tammie L. Foreman Sherwood AR 72120 Active
Jennifer Barnett Sherwood AR 72120 Active
Ranaye Cameron Sherwood AR 72120 Active
Elizabeth Coffman Sherwood AR 72120 Active
Vicki Foster Pangburn AR 72121 Deceased 2023
Jordan Alexandra Tindell Perryville AR 72126 Active
Crystal Garrison Maumelle AR 72131 Active
Skye Wright Quitman AR 72131 Active
Lexie Skinner Quitman AR 72131 Active
Robin E. Johnson Roland AR 72135 Deceased
Sharon Earls Roland AR 72135 Retired
Kimela Ann Hardin Searcy AR 72143 Active
Shirley Perry Searcy AR 72143 Active
Reni L. Irby Searcy AR 72143 Active
Tara Dalrymple Searcy AR 72143 Expired Certificate - Section 9, Regulations
Elizabeth J. Watson Searcy AR 72143 Active
Lois M. Lambert Searcy AR 72143 Deceased
Deborah D. Hall Searcy AR 72143 Discipline by consent; Voluntary Surrender of License, approved by Supreme Court on November 16, 2023, violation of Section 19 of the Regulations of the Board of Certified Court Reporter Examiners
Celia Jamison Sheridan AR 72150 Retired - Voluntary Surrender 11.7.2023.
Linda H. Wisdom Sheridan AR 72150 Retired
Markaiah Raney Sheridan AR 72150 Active
Judy Honeycutt Baser Stuttgart AR 72160 Retired - Voluntary Surrender 1.22.22
Stacy Simpson Stuttgart AR 72160 Active
Jordan Cortez Stuttgart AR 72160 Active