Court Reporters

Title City State Zipsort descending Status
Richard Fourt Rogers AR 72756 Active
Kenneth W. Dover Rogers AR 72756 Retired
Sheila B. Alexander Rogers AR 72756 Active
Allison Rasmusson Rogers AR 72756 Active
Darlene Taylor Young Rogers AR 72756 Retired - Voluntary Surrender
Theresa Sawyer Rogers AR 72758 Active
Janis J. McLeod Rogers AR 72758 Active
Karli Daniels Springdale AR 72762 Active
Jennifer L. Weber Springdale AR 72762 Active
Cathy Gardisser Springdale AR 72762 Active
Kerri Pianalto Springdale AR 72762 Active
Marilyn J. King Springdale AR 72762 Deceased
Michael Washkowiak Tontitown AR 72762 Active
Ann C. Holt Springdale AR 72764 Retired
Terri J. Wolfe Springdale AR 72764 Active
Ann E. Wood Springdale AR 72764 Active
Cindy A. Donald Springdale AR 72764 Active
Rebecca Carroll-Ross Springdale AR 72764 Active
Emilie Gaffney Springdale AR 72766 Active
Vickie Hassell West Fork AR 72774 Active
June Stuart Russellville AR 72801 Active
Nancy Warren Russellville AR 72801 Retired - Voluntary Surrender 4.8.22
Jannie L. Condley Russellville AR 72802 Active
Dianne Briggs Russellville AR 72811 Active
Tonya R. Freeman Russellville AR 72812 Active
Amanda Brown Atkins AR 72823 Active
Kristen Chronister Atkins AR 72823 Active
Ruth E. Teal Atkins AR 72823 Retired
Willma Vaughn Clarksville AR 72830 Retired
Glenda Vaughn Danville AR 72833 Active
Larry W. Shepherd Dardanelle AR 72834 Deceased
Shawna Shepherd Dardanelle AR 72834 Active
Robyn Riggs Dover AR 72837 Active
Tonya F. Phillips Hartman AR 72840 Expired Certificate, March 7, 2015, Section 9 of the Regulations; Suspended, March 7, 2015, Section 13, Rules
Kerri Seagraves London AR 72847 Active
Johna G. Roedenbeck London AR 72847 Deceased
Michelle Y. Smith Plainview AR 72857 Inactive - Section 13 Rules
Lauren Bryant Pottsville AR 72858 Active
Mavis M. McElroy Fort Smith AR 72901 Deceased
Rick Congdon Fort Smith AR 72902 Active