Court Reporters

Title Citysort descending State Zip Status
Kristina Gray Little Rock AR 72211 Active
Melinda Amundson Tarver Little Rock AR 72211 Retired - Voluntary Surrender 10.12.2022
Neva J. Warford Little Rock AR 72207 Discipline by consent; Voluntary Surrender of License, approved by Supreme Court on March 2, 2023, violation of Section 19 (a) of the Regulations of the Board of Certified Court Reporter Examiners
Sue Pruett Little Rock AR 72210 Deceased
Kay Butler Little Rock AR 72223 Active
Jacqueline J LaBat Little Rock AR 72227 Suspended - Section 9 Regulations
Jo Ellen Stover Little Rock AR 72207 Active
Raymia Baucom Knestrict Little Rock AR 72223 Retired
Maryanne Schulz Little Rock AR 72227 Suspended -- Section 13 Rules -- 3/10/2018; Expired Certificate -- Section 9 Regulations 4.2.19
Therese Clayton Little Rock AR 72212 Expired Certificate - Section 9, Regulations
Carolyn S. Fant Little Rock AR 72203 Retired
Molly Sanders Little Rock, AR AR 72223 Active
Sandra R. Willis Little Rock, AR AR 72206-3506 Retired - Voluntary Surrender 7.21.2023
Debra A. Westmoreland LittleRock AR 72201 Active
Rolayne Wall Volpe Littleton CO 80123 Active
Kerri Seagraves London AR 72847 Active
Johna G. Roedenbeck London AR 72847 Deceased
Fay D. Dilbeck Lonoke AR 72086 Deceased
Ashley Telaga Lonoke AR 72086 Active
Donna L. Wood Lonoke AR 72086 Active
Shana Leding Lowell AR 72745 Active
Therese Olenberger Lowell AR 72745 Active
Martha Brown Lowell AR 72745 Active
Anita B. Howard Lynn AR 72440 Retired
Verna Williams Mabelvale AR 72103 Retired
Tammy Pierce Mabelvale AR 72103 Active
Janess Ferguson Smith Mabelvale AR 72103 Active
Elaine Hinson Mabelvale AR 72103 Active
Linda Parker Mabelvale AR 72103 Retired
Teresa Iden Mabelvale AR 72103 Expired Certificate - Section 9, Regulations
Tammy Franklin Magnolia AR 71753 Active
Rosemary Richerson Magnolia AR 71753 Active
Leca Ledbetter Malvern AR 72104 Active
Dianne Amis Malvern AR 72104 Retired
Vickie Asher Malvern AR 72104 Active
Lois L. Green Malvern AR 72104 Retired
Laura L. Carnahan Malvern AR 72104 Active
Amber Speer Malvern AR 72104 Expired Certificate, Section 9 Regulations
Cynthia D. White Manila AR 72442 Active
Krystal Rose Marion AR 72663 Active