Court Reporters

Title Citysort descending State Zip Status
Margie B. Woods Jonesboro AR 72401 Retired
Buffy D. Topper Jonesboro AR 72404 Active
Laura D. Bowen Jonesboro AR 72403 Active
Christy Wilson Jonesboro AR 72403 Active
Carol Cook Jonesboro AR 72401 Active
Allison Bouland Jonesboro AR 72405 Active
Jordan Kelley Jonesboro AR 72404 Active
Susan Michelle Jones Jonesboro AR 72401 Active
Dianne Gibson Jonesboro AR 72401 Active - Discipline by Consent February 9, 2015 - Violation of Section 11 of the Rule and Sections 19(c), 19(d) and 19(e) of the Regulations
Jerri Robin Watts Jonesboro AR 72404 Inactive - Section 13 Rules
Joslyn Johnson Jonesboro AR 72401 Retired
Brad Mowrer Joplin MO 64804 Expired Certificate - Section 9, Regulations
Micah Throckmorton Judsonia AR 72081 Active
Nancy Q. Davis Juliet TN 37122 Retired
Jill Crowder Stewart Kennett MO 63857 Active
Wendy A. Golding Kirksville MO 63501 Active
Terri Hanna Las Vegas NV 89120 Retired - Inactive - Section 13 Rules
Brenda Bowers Lead Hill AR 72644 Retired - Voluntary Surrender 1.12.2023
Dennis L. Pierce LeRoy MI 49655 Retired
Linda E. Worstell Lexa AR 72355 Retired
Hayden C. Walker Lincoln AR 72744 Active
Paulette Wright Linden TX 75563 Active
Karen Duke Little Rock AR 72201 Active
Christa Jacimore Little Rock AR 72211 Retired - Voluntary Surrender 10.11.2022
Cheryl D. Dees Little Rock AR 72207 Active
Taylor Foreman Little Rock AR 72201 Active
Della Lu Tyson Little Rock AR 72207 Expired Certificate - Section 9, Regulations
Sandra Rowland Little Rock AR 72206 Active
Mary Lou Mimi Ambrose Little Rock AR 72210 Active
Lacey Beth Quinn Little Rock AR 72211 Expired Certificate -- Section 9 Regulations 12/31/2017
Melanie Riedmueller Little Rock AR 72206 Inactive - Section 13 Rules
Sherrie DeLuca Little Rock AR 72223 Inactive - Section 13 Rules
Eugenie M. Power Little Rock AR 72202 Active
Jo Ellen Stover Little Rock AR 72207 Active
Deborah Johnson Little Rock AR 72206 Active
Lee Ann Dickens Little Rock AR 72207 Active
Judith A. Ammons Little Rock AR 72212 Active
Neva J. Warford Little Rock AR 72207 Discipline by consent; Voluntary Surrender of License, approved by Supreme Court on March 2, 2023, violation of Section 19 (a) of the Regulations of the Board of Certified Court Reporter Examiners
Bobby Bolding Reynolds Little Rock AR 72205 Active
Sue Pruett Little Rock AR 72210 Deceased