Cost to use Contexte

How much will it cost?

The following services will be provided to the court at no cost:

  • AOC will provide online access to the Contexte Case Management System to courts and authorized personnel.  The baseline system includes the CourtConnect public access module, the eCITE electronic citation retrieval module, and the eTraffic online payment module.
  • AOC will be responsible for annual maintenance, backup, and recovery services for the case management system.
  • AOC will provide professional services to the courts for the implementation of the Contexte system.

The court is responsible for the following that may lead to procurement:

  • The court is responsible for acquiring and maintaining all hardware that meets the minimum technology requirements, including networking hardware, personal computers, printers and scanners.
  • The court is responsible for providing high-speed Internet access to use the system.
  • The court will be responsible for the travel expense of sending its staff to training.
  • If the court is unable to travel to Little Rock for training, the court will be responsible for arranging a suitable training facility.

How long will it take?

  • Contexte projects may take several months to implement depending on the size of the court, the number of locations, and the complexity of the scope of work.